Today, Bartels is steered by Eva Bartels, the great-granddaughter of Louie and Emma Bartels. The love for shoes has always flown through Eva's veins. With a degree in shoe craft from Milan, numerous years spent on industry research, and learning the family business in and out, Eva revived Bartels Damernes Sko in 2017 as Bartels since 1920 - but with her own, unique twist. With a curious mindset that creatively plays with modern nostalgia, Eva blends the original Bartels designs with new, precious materials. Now, Eva has launched three Bartels since 1920 models, and in time, it is her aim to have a finite collection of 7 models, which will represent all the essential types of shoes that a woman should have in her wardrobe.



In the pulsing 80's, Bartels Damernes Sko was led by Eva's father and aunt, who were the third generation of Bartels shoemakers. It was during this time that Eva's dream of becoming part of the family business was ignited, as most of her childhood was spent at the family factory, playing in-between piles of shoeboxes and materials. In the 1980's the Bartels shoe production stopped for a period, and became a showroom for shoe import. Bartels Damernes Sko stayed dormant until it was revived by its fourth generation in 2017 - namely Eva.



In the glorious 1960's Bartels Damernes Sko was in its absolute prime. The designs were immensely popular, and renowned celebrities such as iconic Marguerite Viby all favored Bartels for its delicate lines and premium comfort. The shoes were sold at reputable stores like Magasin du Nord, Illum, and Fonnesbech in Denmark, and famous Macy's in New York. Bartels had truly become a high quality brand within danish design, and during this time, Bartels was also chosen to represent European shoe design in America - a tremendous honor for the small Bartels family.




In the 1920's, Bartels Damernes Sko took off, and the brand quickly became known for its feminine and delicate design. The production grew with rapid pace, so the apartment was replaced by a larger factory beaming with life. The shoes were designed by the Bartels, and in order to produce shoes of the highest quality, skilled Italian shoemakers traveled from Italy up to the factory in Copenhagen to share their extensive knowledge, and handcrafted each pair of shoes. From this on, the perfect fusion of Danish design and Italian craft was created - a fusion that still exists in the Bartels as you see them today.



The Danish shoe brand, Bartels since 1920, was first established under the name 'Bartels Damernes Sko'  by Louie and Emma Bartels. During the WWI, Emma and Louie moved from Germany to Denmark with the dream of starting up their own shoe factory founded on high quality, comfort, and impeccable craftsmanship, all wrapped in beautiful designs. In their apartment in Sommerstedsgade in Copenhagen, Bartels since 1920 took its first steps onto the timeless designs that still prevail today.